Interview with Juan Bracho, Mr. Gay Venezuela International


Juan Bracho is a Venezuelan model living in USA and has participated recently in the last Mr. Gay International, getting the First runner up trophy and winning the swimsuit competition. He dedicated some time to answer my questions. I feel very proud because we're both Venezuelans trying to make it in life, building up our careers and fighting for our futures. Juan, thanks a lot for your time... and I wish you the best in your future with your plans for organizing the Mr. Gay Venezuela International.


Where are you from?


I am Venezuelan; I was born in Puerto Ordaz, Estado Bolivar.


3What is your zodiac sign?




What city do you live in?


I have lived in Miami, Florida for the past for years.


Are you in a relationship or do you have a partner at the present time?


No, I am single


How did you make it to the Mr. Gay International?


I was selected out of a group of Venezuelans by the IMG committee organizer. I participated in this contest under the sponsorship or the same organization


Which do you consider was the best activity in this contest?


I feel that the Australian games were the most rigorous games, the demanded so much physical conditioning, creativity, leadership and working as a team. In the first segment I achieved a good ranking amongst 19 other contestants. In the end it was in between Australia and Venezuela resulting in the Australian as the victor and me in second place. Later on there was a segment that would measure creativity, endurance, leadership and teamwork. All of this was required to build a sand castle. Our group consisted of Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica and Venezuela, we were called Latin Power. LOL

Were there moments of sexual arousal or provocation during the competition? If so what were your experiences?2211223586_c4e7c2f5f8


LOL! Imagine, all the men were gay, every moment you breathed, there were times where all of the sudden, you would find yourself looking at the other guys, well at least the ones you were attracted to.


Was there rivalry in the competition?


To be honest, you know that it was there throughout the entire competition and even in the daily activities. However, I would not like to go into details, because it is not my way. But you could say that it was present. I could sense it, I believe that many contestants didn’t understand that it was all about having a good time, meeting new people and achieve the objective of the competition that it was okay to be gay. Many made the mistake that it was a beauty contest.


Were there any guys that behaved like women?


Well, in many ways of looking at it I would have to say yes.


Were there guys the behave very masculine well as to say very macho?


Oh yes, many of them were quite masculine only every now and then during the parties after a few drinks, would the feathers start flying.


2211381627_48c2934b12What was the mood in the changing rooms backstage?


Well I shared dressing rooms with Brazil , Costa Rica, New Zealand, and Mexico. Of course there was some anxiety however there was pleasantry amongst all of us.


Did the organizer of the IMG put you guys up in a Hotel or in private residences?


They put us up in a local hotel. There were two to a room. I ended up sharing with Mr. USA who ended up being an exceptional roommate.


How many days did the competition last?


The contest lasted from Jan. 17 till Jan. 21 and we were required to give them our full attention for the entire day. We e76bd7f0c86fede5b3c0fee0bafbee61were only permitted a couple of hours a day for our personal time.


My favorite was Mr. Brazil Luciano Lupo. Amongst all the contestants he was the one we expected to win. From the day I arrived, I had my favorite, however as the days passed by, I kept changing my mind. I always thought that was Brazil was front runner because of his charisma and personality. But non the less other contestants such as Australia, Norway, UK, Brazil, Argentina and India.


To be quite honest I never heard any comments about myself, It was rumored that I was considered to be the Rude contestant, partially because of my look and my frank personality. At the end many contestants fell behind and Venezuela ended up as the first runner up. Not bad for a harsh look and harsh personality. LOL


It true it is not a well know contest yet. Many people do not realize the importance of this contest within the gay community. I am assuming that the next one will be held some time around next January 2009 in West Hollywood, LA


web-2Mexico had a wonderful personality, in fact we say in touch to this day. My other favorites were Brazil and Argentina.


Some ideas have been brought up and it is still in the works. We have to consider how receptive people are to this type of event. If it were to be held it would take place in Miami. However, the possibility of holding the competition in Venezuela itself could be ground breaking. An online competition has its possibilities as well.


As I said before it is still the works however we are going to require some sponsorship to get this whole concept off the ground.


There are enough Venezuelans in Miami that we could start exporting them.


Definitely there were many highlight for me throughout the competition: coming out in the 5 finalist to ultimately becoming the first runner up was an exceptional moment.


However, winning the best in swimsuit was my biggest achievement. Not because of ego, vanity or narcissism, but because of the amount of hard work and discipline I put into my physical training.


It was very funny. Hours before the final announcement Carlos and I got to chat a bit backstage, and jokingly, I told him that the prize was between him and myself, and that the winner would have to buy the runner up a ticket to Australia. So there you have it, I am expecting my ticket any day now... LOL


Indeed I won the best body, and of course yes it is one of my ambitions to do a porno film in the future. As a gay man, it would be a shame if I don’t get to do my porno before dying. LOL


First of all, I think that no one has the right to judge our community solely on our sexual preferences. Above all we are all humans with values virtues that drive us to achieve our everyday goals. Secondly, in the times we are living there is no shame in being gay anymore and hiding in the closet like old clothes that has gone out of style. Let’s come out into the light with pride, there is nothing wrong with being gay and fact remains that we are still men.

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March 17, 2008 at 5:52 PM

Juan is hot as hell!Sigh.Another hot Venezuelan guy.Jean be careful,you have a cometiton now(from your own country):)No,just kidding.But he is really gorgeous.

And I`m looking forward to seeing his first porn movie!


March 18, 2008 at 3:32 AM

Esta buenisimo! En la entrevista olvidaste publicar su numero de telefono!