THE ONE X - SATURDAY 23d of JANUARY 2010 > 23h00 Brussels

Pleasure X Mega Party in Germany Cologne Hot Performance Logan McCree From Raging Stallion Studio and Jean Franko

The One X is back on Saturday 12th of December 2009 Brussels THE BULLDOG OF ALPHAMALEMEDIA.COM WILL BE AT THE ONE X.. SEE YOU SOON XXX JEAN FRANKO

The One X in Brussels Kamasutra with Francesco Dmacho / Damien Crosse & Jean Franko


When news gets to Francesco that a competing restaurant has opened in his patch, he is not pleased and forcefully 'invites' his rival to dinner to teach him a few lessons in proper business practice. And with the help if his personal aide Jean Franko, they succeed in getting cocky Damien down on his knees and show him who is top dog in this city.

KAMASUTRA - Francesco DMacho & Jean Franko & Damien Crosse in The One X Saturday 3th Octuber 2009 Brussels

Soap is the Bar of my freind in Ibiza Spain Rafael carrera -Porn Star

Francesco Dmacho & Jean Franko for Staghome Studio

Barcelona Spain 25-07-2009

My Hollidays Ibiza Spain 14-08-2009 and with Carlos Caballero very good freind...