Interview with Atacadas in Madrid

Julia Patricia, the editor of the renowned Latin based blog Atacadas, Sin Oficio y Sin Censura, has done this interview with me about my nomination in the GAYVN Awards 2008, this interview will be published on their website in Spanish.

jean award

Julia Patricia: Jean, be honest with me, how do you feel about winning the Best Actor Foreign Release 2007 with the film The School for Lovers produced by Lucas Kazan and also winning the Best Actor in the HeatGay Festival Barcelona 2007 with the film The Rancho produced by Kristen Bjorn because it is a great surprise to be nominated again in the same category consecutively with the film Men I Wanted produced by Lukas Kazan?

Jean Franko: With the film The School for Lovers I really expected to be considered for a recognition in the porn industry, I am a principal actor in this movie and I feel this movie as mine and even people everywhere recognize me in the street asking "You're the guy from The School for Lovers, right?". With the movie The Rancho I completely thought it was a very nice surprise, because I am not a principal actor it, and after having being nominated with other names like Francesco De Macho and Martin Mazza I value my work a lot more. Now it has been a major surprise to be nominated again for the GAYVN Awards 2008. Wow! This means that I'm just taking off as a porn actor. I want to make one thing clear, I know that I may not be a very good looking but I take my job seriously and with a lot of commitment.


Julia Patricia: I have heard gossips that you are not a Kristen Bjorn and Lucas Kazan exclusive anymore. Is that true?

Jean Franko: Again with the gossips, lol. Some directors say that some actors should retire from the porn industry but I think that there are some directors too that should retire from this business, and let newcomers take the place. Yes, I completely finished my 3-year contract with Kristen Bjorn and Lucas Kazan and I have decided to work more on the freelance side. Right now I'm working with several production companies that can boost my image. My last project was with Colin O'Neal.

Julia Patricia: What are your plans for the future? When will you shoot your next video?

Jean Franko: I don't have plans for the future, I hate making plans. I go with the flow and work with the things I encounter along the way. I just recently shot a video in Turkey with Colin O'Neal.

jean 3

Julia Patricia: I heard that the Porn Industry is not having its best moment. What can you say about it?

Jean Franko: Well, it's not only the porn industry that's having a hard time, the music industry and everything connected with piracy and Internet has affected everything. Before, porn producers used to work a little to earn millions, now they have to work a lot harder to prove that they can still please audiences. Now it's easier to be famous thanks to the Internet.

Julia Patricia: Now changing subjects, what can you tell me about your likes and dislikes? Music?

Jean Franko: Lol, who told you I liked music? Yes, right now my favorite singer is Amy Whinehouse. Wow! I love her music and watching her singing is amazing, she is my number one, she's not a show, Amy Whinehouse is a voice. She reminds me a lot of Frank Sinatra, without falling into comparisons.

My 2008 Nomination for the GAYVN Awards


This year I have been nominated again for the GAYVN Awards that are celebrated in the USA for the Gay  Adult Entertainment Industry. The nomination is the same one from the last year's, Best Actor in a Foreign Release.

school_dvd_1 men_dvd_1

Last year I won for my participation in the film School for Lovers, this year my nomination is for Men I Wanted. If I get to win this year it will be the same category two years in a row, a great accomplishment. The other nominees for this category are:


Amazonia: Capture & Release, Athletic Model Guild/AMG Brasil,

Ricardo Onca


Knockout, Falcon International

Tim Hamilton


Santo Domingo, Collin O'Neal's World of Men,

Francisco Rey

This show will be in San Francisco on February 16, 2008. I will surely tell you all about it when the time comes. My favorite is Tim Hamilton.

Hi everybody!


Hi there! I am very happy to let you all know that I have decided to start this blog and be a little closer to you. Since all my fans have asked me so many times to start my own website I am telling you now that I am here. There are more things to come for my career. Having won the GAYVN Award 2007 as Best Actor in a Foreign Release, the HeatGay 2007 Best Actor Barcelona Festival and also I have the nomination again as Best Actor in a Foreign Release in the GAYVN Awards 2008.

These will be very exciting times, so don't go so far away.