Interview with Carlos Resa from HeatGay Festival

Carlos Resa, a journalist, has developed his career in the Basque media mainly. Lately, he has worked as press manager in an institution in the capital city of Alava. Being a lover of photography and films, he has directed several short films and a full length movie -- most of them porn movies except one. Resa has also organized shows for discos and has coordinated the participation of HeatGay in the Gay Pride Parade in Madrid. On other grounds, this exceptional professional has been part of of the now-extinct International Film Festival of Vitoria-Gasteiz, known today as NEFF. He is the current director of the International Erotic Salon of Euskadi (Euskalesex) and director of the International Gay Porn Film Festival in Barcelona (HeatGay).

Carlos, there's a lot of people who don't know when the HeatGay is and what it is about. If my fans ever decide to go there. What will they find?

Well, they'll find a film festival that's giving its first steps and that is working hard for its permanence. A festival in which actors, directors, producers and all those who take part in the porn industry gather together. Heatgay takes place every year in the beginning of October at the La Farga Pavilion (L'Hospitalet de Llobregat).

Why have you chosen Barcelona to hold this festival?

First of all, Heatgay was born as an extension of International Erotic Film Festival of Barcelona and secondly, because this city has nothing to envy any other city in many ways.

Why the name Heatgay and not Porn Festival?heatgay-2006-ulls-100

I have absolutely no idea because when I was offered to direct the festival it was already named like that and it was known name. Anyway its full name is International Gay Porn Film Festival -- Heatgay.

Who are the organizers?

It's a private-funded company in Barcelona called PROFEI.

What exactly do you do?

Direction... from distributing all available spaces for the venue to booking performers for that night. I have to make sure that all invited producers, actors, directors, the press attend the festival.

Which porn actors have attended the festival?

During these 2 years many names have attended Heatgay. Names like Martin Mazza, Rafa Carreras, Johan Paulik, Francesco D'Macho, Lukas Ridgeston, Jalif, Kristen Bjorn, COLT Models such as Carlo Masi, Brad Patton, Belami Models such as Justin Boyd and Tommy Hansen and of course you. The list would too long to say it here...

Carlos_Resa_con_Luke_Hamill_y_Justin_Boyd_de_Bel_Ami[1] Are there any special collaborators?

Yes, of course. Heatgay would be too complicated to put and assemble if it weren't for all the people around me.

I have noticed that Cayetana Guillén has been with you a couple of times. What does she do?

Besides being my friend, Cayetana is the president of the judges that have the hard task of giving the Heatgay awards in the different categories.

What famous Spanish celebrities have attended the Festival?

So far we haven't had many since we've had only 2 festivals. We've only had names such as Transexual activist Carla Antonelli, futurologist Rappel, singer Pedro Marin and designer Francis Montesinos.

Which other events do you work or collaborate?

Besides Heatgay, I also direct the International Erotic Salon of Euskadi (Euskalesex) which also belongs to the same company. When not directing a festival, I'm a full-time journalist.

I noticed that Nacho Vidal was also at the Heatgay. Is he directing gay porn?

Yes, he's directed some gay films but I honestly doubt he's taken part as an actor in any of them. He's heterosexual... pity.

Carlos_Resa_con_Johan_Paulik,_Lukas_Ridgeston_y_Sebastian_Bonet,_todos_ellos_de_Bel_Ami[1] What's the hottest part of the festival?

Without any doubts... the stage.

There's also a photographic exhibit. What photographers have shown their pieces?

The fantastic Canadian Bruce LaBruce, and another one between Joan Crisol and Jalif... out of this world!

There's also a contest called "Heatgay Guy". Can only Spanish boys participate or boys from other parts of the world?

Any boy who wants to be part of the "Heatgay Guy" can participate, Spanish or not. We'd be more than happy. The terms and conditions to participate are in our website,

What words do you have for my fans who read my blog?

I can only say that they should support everything you do, besides being an exceptional person in every way, I believe that you have a promising future as a porn actor and model. All the awards are there prove that. Jean, I'm very proud of being your friend. Likewise, thanks a lot for letting me be part of your blog, and if you all want to know more about Heatgay you can do so at Yours forever!

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March 3, 2008 at 6:44 AM

Another great interview.Thank you for sharing it with us. And as Carlos Resa says, you are an exceptional person in every way.
I support everything you do and wish you all the best in whatever you do


March 3, 2008 at 4:48 PM

Great interview,indeed!And I agree with Carlos,you have a great future as an actor and model.But hey,not only a future.You already have a great career,Jean!
Kisses to you and Carlos